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NearByMe stands for openess

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  • We struggle to make our platform for listing and locating most friendly and open for users!
  • We provide a large spectrum of services for everyone who is joining our big family, because we know how important it is, and how difficult it is to start develop your own business. That’s why we are here.
  • We would like to help everyone to shine bright.
  • Always user oriented
  • We aim to involve large and small companies to engage with their customers, manage their online reputation , feedbacks and reviews, while improving local search visibility on a vast range of platforms.
  • We are free business listing website where small companies can personalize their profile, chat with customers, and even advertise their business, add photos,videos and banners.


How to work with NearByMe

Add Listing

Easy registration! Use your Email, or Name - to make an Account and Ad your Business Listing. Get on the Map. Add your Phone and Address, for easier way for finding you by clients Add your Business Details (Event, Description, Images, Videos, Social Networks)

Promote Listing

Choose one of the 3 subscriptions for more benefits! That will help You be in touch with Everyone. Promote your Business Listing with #Boost Button from your Account

Great sales benefits

These easy steps will give you possibilities to achieve new level! Join us now!

What Users say About Us

I had joined NearByMe group no long time ago. The registration was clear and easy also as adding listening. I had increased in sales after purchasing Elit Subscription. Really appreciate it!
Jody Williams

Jody Williams

I had discovered nearbyme accidentally on Instagram. I was very pleased by the way of opening personal account. It was super easy, and a great possibility to tell everyone about my business. But the best thing is that I can update my portfolio everyday, and be in touch with whole the world. Thank you for this lovely project! Cheers!
Erica Taylor

Erica Taylor

Co - owner
Had you ever seen Facebook page introduced to listing ? I don’t know what about you, but me definitely not, but this guys are awesome. Thanks for this. Best wishes for the team!
Mark Walker

Mark Walker

Co - owner